• Add up to 24 months of rent payment history to your credit report
  • Works in 30 days or less
  • Average score increase 30 - 50 points
  • Add a roommate and save $50
  • Does not require electronic rent payments
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Start building credit for just


one-time enrollment

*plus $9.95 per month for ongoing monthly updates to your report. No contract. You may cancel at any time.

Get the credit you deserve for paying your rent!

How it works

You provide your rental details

Once you create an account and complete payment we'll email you a link to provide your rental details. You'll need your ID, your landlord's contact info and a copy of your lease. The whole process takes about 10 minutes.

We verify with your landlord

As soon as you complete onboarding we'll email your landlord a verification of rent form with the details you provided. If they prefer, we can also fax the verification. Most landlords complete our verification form in 5 minutes or less.

Account is added on your credit report

Once your landlord verifies, if everything checks out, we'll cue your data for upload. Most clients see results in 30 days or less. The average score increase is 30-50 points but we have seen even greater increases than that! Best of all, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

What will your new credit score be?

The graph below reflects actual customer results. Your results will vary.


How much will my credit score increase?

It’s impossible to predict. Credit scores are based on individual situations. On the lower end, I’ve seen mid-twenties and all the way up to 88 points on the higher end. As you continue to report, it will increase your score over time, as well. However, we guarantee that it will have a positive impact on your score.

What if I’m late with my rent?

Technically rent payments are only late if it’s over 30 days past due. As long as you pay before 30 days, it is considered on time on your credit report.

How long does it take to show on my credit report?

Our clients typically see results in 14 – 30 days from the time we receive verification from their landlord.

Does my landlord need to participate?

Yes, your landlord or property manager needs to participate. However, we make it so easy that most landlords have no problem at all helping out.

Where do I pay my rent?

With Rent to Credit you continue to pay your rent directly to your landlord, or as you have in the past. Other companies require you to make your rent payments to them.

Still have questions?

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